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Lung Center

Breathe Easy With Our Help

Kern County can be hard on your lungs. Many smokers live in our community, and our area is plagued with poor air quality on a regular basis. As a result, many people need lung cancer treatment in Kern County. In fact, many people don't even know they need help. Often, lung tumors diagnosed in our area have progressed to critical stages before people make an appointment for screening. 

At the Adventist Health AIS Cancer Center, we want to turn things around. That's why we offer the most comprehensive lung cancer treatment program in the Bakersfield area. That's also why we provide in-depth and award-winning lung cancer screening programs. We can even help you to lower your risk of a future lung cancer problem. 

If you have cancer now, or you think you're at risk for lung cancer, you absolutely need our services. You might be surprised at how easy we make it to care for your lungs. 

Finding Lung Cancer Early

Cancer treatments tend to work best when tumors are diagnosed in early stages—when they're small and haven't had a chance to spread. 

If you have symptoms of lung cancer, our skilled radiologists can perform in-depth testing and provide your doctor with all of the information that's required to help you breathe easier. 

We also offer lung cancer screening for people who don't have symptoms of the disease but are at risk for developing it. This includes:

  • Current smokers ages 55 to 79 with at least 30 pack-years of tobacco use
  • Current or former smokers ages 50 to 79 with at least 20 pack-years of tobacco use
  • Lung cancer survivors in remission for at least 4 years

If you fall into one of these groups, you are a candidate for screening. We offer a low-dose CT tomography scan for lung cancer screening. It is quick and painless, and it's far more effective than an X-ray. Our skilled team will perform that test for you, and you'll get the results from a doctor who can tell you just what the results mean and what the next steps are.

Treating Your Lung Cancer

If you do have lung cancer, we'll be here to support and guide you. When you're diagnosed, we'll pair you with a nurse navigator who will help you through the treatment process. Any questions you have about the treatment can be answered, in words you can understand, by your nurse advocate. 

In addition to your nurse navigator, you'll work with dedicated radiologists, highly trained surgeons and top-of-the-line oncologists. Your team will discuss your tumor in-depth and determine the best way to help you fight back. Your team might access our virtual tumor board program too, ensuring that you have access to the help and opinions of a team of experts.

As your treatment progresses, you can also access our suite of complementary therapies to ease any side effects you might experience. Art therapy, MediYoga, cancer support groups and nutritional counseling are all available to you, right on our campus. 

Preventing Lung Cancer

The link between smoking and lung cancer is clear. It's also clear that quitting smoking can be hard—especially if you try to do it alone. We can help. 

We offer smoking cessation classes, right on our campus in Bakersfield. Here, you'll learn more about how smoking changes your body—and how you can use the power of your mind to kick the habit for good. You'll be surrounded by other people trying to quit too, so you'll get the community support you need to make big changes to spare your lungs. 

Lung Cancer Care You Can Trust

The Lung Cancer Alliance has recognized our cancer center as a Lung Screening Center of Excellence. That means we've met rigorous standards in imaging, patient care and follow-up diagnostics. 

We're also affiliated with UC Davis. This unique cancer care partnership gives us access to a great deal of knowledge about new and innovative oncology treatments. We keep our affiliation by demonstrating our commitment to cancer care in our community. 

These connections demonstrate the comprehensive and trustworthy care you'll get when you come to us at The AIS Cancer Center. We'd like to tell you more about how we can help. Contact us at 661.323.HOPE.