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Wendy Wayne Resource Library

Learn About Cancer in Kern County

When you choose the Adventist Health AIS Cancer Center for your cancer care, you're in good hands. Your oncologists, radiologists, oncology nurses and therapists all have in-depth education in cancer treatments, and they all keep abreast of the latest changes in oncology protocols. 

It's beneficial for you to know about cancer too. When you're informed, you can be an active participant in your cancer care. You might also find that cancer research helps to soothe your worries and fears.

We can help give you the information you need at the Wendy Wayne Resource Library. 

Inspired by Wendy Wayne

Our library gets its name from an important cancer advocate in the Bakersfield community. Wendy Wayne was a nurse, an educator and a community organizer. She was also struck by cancer.

Wendy believed that everyone should have access to in-depth cancer resources and education. That access, she felt, should be close to home in Kern County. This library helps to fulfill her wish. 

A Free Cancer Resource in Kern County

The Wendy Wayne Resource Library is packed with over 200 books about cancer care and oncology treatments. Browse those books and learn more about how cancer develops and how it can be treated. Scan through our library of brochures to find out about how to cope with cancer treatment side effects. Or use our bank of computers to access online cancer-care journals. 

This cancer resource center is free for the entire community. Use the data for your own education, or ask your family members to come with you as you learn more about the disease. There's never a fee for use, so you can come as often as you'd like. 

Cancer Research You Can Trust

In our modern, connected world, healthcare information is just a click or a tap away—but how do you know that the information you find online is both trustworthy and up-to-date? Sometimes, it's hard to tell. 

You can trust all of the books, journals, magazines and pamphlets we've collected in our library. We can also point you to trusted resources for your online research. You won't need to pull together the collection before you start your cancer research. We've done that work for you. 

If you'd like to visit the Wendy Wayne Resource Library, it's located just inside the first floor of The AIS Cancer Center, and it's open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.